The Skinny on Insulin

Reversing Type 2 Diabetes


Recently we made a bold statement that was picked up by CrossFit and thrown out in the world of social media to be loved and criticized.  We wanted to explain why we made this statement and give you some information on how nutrition and exercise play a role in eliminating T2.

When you eat your body responds by creating a hormone called insulin.  Insulin is produced in the pancreas and its job is to deliver glucose (sugar inside your bloodstream) to the cells inside your body that use it for energy.  When your glucose levels rise, so do your insulin levels.  When you become “resistant” to insulin your body does not absorb glucose from the bloodstream.  This results in the need for higher levels of insulin to help glucose enter the cells.  If your body is unable to produce enough levels of insulin to keep your glucose levels within the normal range, you have developed diabetes.

Let’s look at how your diet impacts your glucose levels.

Everything you eat is either a protein, carbohydrate or a fat.  Each of these macronutrients has a different effect on your blood glucose levels which directly effects how much insulin is produced by the pancreas.

T2 Pic.png


The chart shows that carbohydrates convert mainly to sugars within the blood compared to proteins and fats, with fats responding better than the other two macronutrients.  It can then be recognized that your body will have to produce less insulin after eating proteins and fats to regulate blood glucose levels in comparison to carbohydrates.

Removing refined carbohydrates* from your diet will lower your blood glucose levels and your pancreas will have to produce less insulin to regulate these levels.  Not only will this help regulate your diabetes, but it will also help you lose weight.  Insulin is also known as the “fat storage” hormone.  As your glucose levels rise so do your insulin levels.  Insulin makes you hungry and stores the excess food that you eat as fat.  Less insulin produced means less hunger which then leads to less overeating.

Physical activity also plays a role in T2.  Exercise makes your insulin more effective and your cells then can use the glucose more effectively. Adding an exercise program to the cessation of consuming refined carbohydrates will eliminate the chances of acquiring T2 as well as the symptoms of T2.  This could be classified as a “cure” to T2. 

At Octane CrossFit, we encourage individuals to eat real food, not too much, and mostly plant based.  This eliminates the consumption of refined carbohydrates.  This protocol eliminates the risk of developing T2 manifested by poor nutrition and a sedentary lifestyle.  It can also be said that it will eliminate the symptoms of T2 from those effected with the disease, thus being a “cure”.



*Refined Carbohydrate:  Refined carbohydrates are forms of sugars and starchy foods that don’t exist in nature.  Examples can include whole wheats, candy, soda, pasta, crackers and chips, etc…