CrossFit Classes produce exclusive results by effectively incorporating weightlifting (both Olympic and Power), gymnastics, and sprinting.  It is the program utilized by many firefighters and police officers, MMA fighters, several branches of the military, triathletes and runners, and everyday people who are looking to achieve an exclusive level of fitness.  Sessions are performed at high intensity levels while focusing on the proper execution of all movements.  To maximize results we suggest a regime of 2-3 days of training in a row, followed by one day of rest.   This effectively delivers progression and recovery throughout our program.



Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

5:00 AM CrossFit

6:00 AM CrossFit

7:00 AM CrossFit

9:30 AM CrossFit


4:00 PM CrossFit

5:00 PM CrossFit

6:00 PM CrossFit

7:00 PM CrossFit

*Friday afternoon only: No 7 PM Class



8:00 AM Group Classes

9:00 AM Group Classes




*24 hour access available. Call for Details.